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Registration Policy

Please read this agreement very carefully:

When you register your child, you agree to release to indemnify Orfe from any and all claims of damages arising as a result of any accident, injury, or otherwise sustained by your child arising out of participation in any activity of the Orfe program.

Assumption of Risks, Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and      Indemnity Agreement – Orfe

 By registering your child, you will give up legal rights, including the right to sue

TO: Orfe Eco-Art Program (hereinafter “Orfe”)*

IN EXCHANGE FOR Orfe allowing me or my child to participate in Orfe activities, I agree as follows:

I understand and accept the risk associated with all of Orfe activities, including the possibility of physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death, and property damage. I understand that this agreement applies not only to use of the tools to create the ecological art pieces, but also all other equipment, and all activities and games at the Orfe Facility. I understand that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity. Specific risk of the activities include: cuts and contusions, sprains and muscle and joint strains, broken bones, burns, equipment failure, equipment fall, and fall of the participants. The Orfe staff has difficult jobs to perform. They seek to create a safe environment, but they are not perfect. They may not know the health or abilities of a participant. They can give warnings or incomplete instructions. They cannot see all the participants at all the times. The equipment that is being used could malfunction. I ACCEPT AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THE ACITVITIES OF ECO-ART CAMPS AND ECO-ART CLASSES IN ORFE AND I CHOSE TO PARTICIPATE DESPITE THIS RISKS.
  1. I acknowledge that, in addition to the risks described above, my participation or my child’s participation in Orfe entails additional risks if I or my child have a food allergy. I understand that Orfe does not offer or guarantee a nut-free environment and I and my child are responsible to have an individual emergency plan, including an epinephrine injector (Epi-Pen) if needed. I agree, on behalf of myself or my child, to accept and assume all of the risks associated with Orfe and voluntarily agree to participate in Orfe activity despite the added risks.
  2. If I am signing this Agreement on behalf of my child, I confirm that I have assessed the risks associated with Orfe activities, in light of the specific abilities and circumstances of my child, and I VOLUNTARILY ALLOW MY CHILD TO PARTICIPATE in any Orfe activity despite the risks. I therefore, agree that if my child is injured during Orfe activities, I will accept all responsibility and liability for such injuries.
  3. I confirm that I have read or heard or seen the rules governing my or my child’s participation in any Orfe activity. I understand that Orfe’s rules have been implemented for the safety of all participants, and I have explained the rules to my child. I understand that my or my child’s failure to follow Orfe’s rules could result in damage, expense, injury, or death. I acknowledge that my or my child’s failure to follow the rules could result in expulsion from Orfe.
  4. I agree to GIVE UP MY RIGHT TO SUE ORFE for any damage, expense, physical or emotional injury, paralysis, or death that I or my family or estate may suffer as a result of my participation in any Orfe activity, DUE TO ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER, including Orfe’s negligence, the failure to warn or protect me from risks, breach of contract, breach of any other duty of care, or breach of the Occupiers’ Liability Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. O.2 I agree to waive any and all claims that I have or may have in the future against Orfe, and to RELEASE ORFE FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY for any damage, expense, injury, or death.
  1. I also agree to hold harmless and indemnify Orfe from any and all liability for any damage, expense, injury or death caused to any third party as a result of my or my child’s participation in Orfe camp and other activities.
  2. I agree that if any portion of this Agreement is found to be void, unenforceable, or inapplicable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.
  3. If I am signing this Agreement on behalf of a child, I confirm that I am the child’s parent or legal guardian, or that I otherwise have legal authority to sign this Agreement on behalf of the child.
  4. I confirm that have read or have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire Agreement, have understood the terms of this Agreement, and AGREE TO BE BOUND by the terms of this Agreement.

*In this Agreement, “Orfe” means 230461865 Business Licence, all related companies, affiliates, employees, volunteers, agents, directors and/or officers.

Nut Policy

Some of the children attending Orfe Eco-Art camps may have food allergies. We kindly ask to not send with your child food that contain such products. Please advise your children to not sharing their food with other students.
Orfe programs do not offer or guarantee a nut-free environment.  If your children have any nut or related allergies, please let us know when registering. Make sure that your child has an individual emergency plan, including an epinephrine injector (Epi-Pen) if needed.

Refund Policy

10% fee when you cancel more than a month before program start date.
20% fee when you cancel between 1 – 2 weeks before program start date.

There won’t be refund if:

  1. You decide to withdraw your registration within a week before program start date.
  2. The student does not continue in the program for any reason
  3. Orfe decides that the student should not continue, as a consequence of force majeure or exceptional circumstances, including bad and/or aggressive behaviour. Orfe does not tolerate bullying.
  4. There is a class cancellation due to an extenuating circumstance, such as: extreme weather conditions, power failures, any life threatening situation, etc.

Discounts and Coupons

May not be applied to prior registrations or combined with any other coupon or discount.

Be kind to other children and keep your child at home if she or he have a communicable illness. 
Orfe reserves the right to refuse admittance or ask your child be picked up if equipment and supplies are not being used adequately or if his/her interaction is unsafe or disrespectful to others.