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Orfe Eco-Art Program

Orfe Eco Art Program A Social Enterprise

Orfe EcoArt Program is a social enterprise that aims to stimulate creativity and environmental responsibility in children and youth through its ecological art program, understanding that a creative mind and responsible attitude are key to becoming an active member of society and contributing to the health and safety of one’s community.

Orfe EcoArt Program relies on different artistic techniques and the use of recyclable materials to stimulate children to reach their full creative potential, while at the same time closely following the environment-related educational curriculum. The program exposes children to concepts such as sustainability, environmental awareness, the 3 R’s of the Waste Management System (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), and creative approaches to social change.

Since 2014, Orfe EcoArt Program has been in several schools in Toronto (TDSB, TCDSB), and has been taking note of what has been happening inside of the schools and what can be done better to minimize the waste created by consumerism and improve the good practice of Reduce, Re-Use, and Re-Purpose, to reduce the among of waste going to the landfill.

Orfe Summer Camp


Our mission is to inspire and prepare a new generation with the knowledge and creativity to be environmentally conscious leaders and innovators, by providing educational programs in an eco-friendly environment where children can learn through experience, experimental art techniques, and a hands-on approach.


“To turn around the heart of our culture by building a more compassionate world, where children with their creativity, uniqueness, and environmental conscious want to be the leaders who transform the world into a better place to live.” Orfelina Millan, Founder.

  • Community involvement
  • Ecological Consciousness
  • Social Responsibility
  • Self Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Teamwork

The above values align with the principle: As you take care of the planet, you are also taking care of others, in the present and future’’ This principle is centered at the core of Orfe’s philosophy.

The lessons we have learned through our experience working with children have inspired us to create a space where they can feel safe to express generosity and compassion and explore the joy and accomplishment that is experienced in return for their care.

Orfe Eco-Art program ​​offers a friendly and caring atmosphere, it brings attention to the beauty of nature and our surroundings and it provides an Eco-friendly environment by applying the principle of  Reduce, Re-use, and Re-purpose

Through these practices, we strengthen very important aspects in the life of children: The Values.


Kids learn to use resources wisely in order to avoid waste. For example, we clean and dry the brushes with recyclable pieces of old clothes to avoid the use of paper towels; the leftover paint is collected in the same or different containers. We minimize the use of water when we have to rinse the utensils used in classes. We encourage children to avoid buying unnecessary materials. Children learn that they can reduce waste when reusing the resources available in their environment.


Through the Orfe EcoArt Program children learn and practice how to reuse materials instead of throwing them away, e.g. food containers can be used to clean or collect items during the class. The elements used during and for the entire program like the tablecloths are reused in the creation of new artistic projects; our reusable paint pallets are made from plastic food containers; old brushes are repurposed and used within our art projects.


Children find new ways to repurpose items. We provide a variety of recyclable and organic materials such as food boxes, bottle cans, bottle caps, toilet paper tubes, dry sticks, orange and lime peels, etc., that have been previously collected and treated. These recycled materials are provided while retaining their original form, so children can experience the power of creativity and transformation of mundane objects into works of art.

Please contact us if you would like to include the Orfe Program in your school community.