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Orfe Online EcoArt Program

Open call for Artists and Creatives to create online workshops to inspire environmental consciousness in children around the world!

The Orfe EcoArt Program provides an online platform that enables artists, multidisciplinary creative educators, and creators, that are willing to align their classes with the Orfe environmental guidelines, to teach a subject incorporating their specialty, to children between 1 to 18 years old.

Learn about this Job opportunity and how to apply at this link: Online Instructor 


Orfe Online engages children and teachers with hands-on virtual classroom and community art workshops/projects, encouraging them to create and discover the world around them. Orfe EcoArt sparks a long-lasting interest in art and the environment, inspiring and challenging not only children but their families to take care of the planet.

If you want to help to mitigate climate change and want to bring environmental consciousness to many families around the world through your creative classes, this platform is the right place to do it.

To know more email us at info@orfeart.com

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