Welcome to our Eco-Art Program!

Environmental Policy

Orfe Environmental Policy

People at the Orfe EcoArt program are aware of the challenges that sustainable development carries. Moreover, we are also aware of the importance of promoting environmental consciousness in children to improve the quality of life for present and future generations.


At Orfe EcoArt we are committed to:

  •   Promoting the responsible use of water resources, energy, and materials implemented in our classes.
  •   Encouraging sustainable consumption based on eco-responsible purchasing decisions that favour eco-friendly services and products.
  •   Properly managing waste (through harvesting practices) generated as a result of our activities,
  •   Permanently following and evaluating the environmental impact of our activities. This is done as an effort to prevent (or minimize) any negative impact our activities may cost. Any negative impact caused as a result of our activities must be coupled with an effort to negate it.
  •   Advancing our environmental objectives through continuous improvement.
  •   Keeping our stakeholders informed about our processes, changes, and advances for the fulfillment of this policy.
  • Following environmental and sanitary legislature voluntarily as well as other requirements when executing our activities.