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Orfe Online EcoArt Program

Orfe Online Will be Launched in February 2021

Orfe Online EcoArt Program is an online educational platform that offers online courses.

We will provide live online classes for children from 1 – 18 years old, as well as pre-recorded video classes that you can watch on a weekly schedule or when it is convenient for you.


Orfe Online engages children and teachers with hands-on virtual classroom and community art workshops/projects, encouraging them to create and discover the world around them. Orfe EcoArt sparks a long-lasting interest in art and the environment, inspiring and challenging not only children but their families to take care of the planet.

Orfe will work with talented artists and educators from different backgrounds that closely follow the Environmental Guideline of the Orfe EcoArt Program, bringing value to the program with their skills, and giving the opportunity for new perspectives and learning for children and youth.

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