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Welcome to Orfe Eco-Art

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Orfe strives to teach children through introducing them to different artistic techniques and inspiring them to deepen their love and understanding for our beautiful planet. They will create magical worlds using recyclable materials while discovering and exploring the potential of their creativity.


Through Art and Crafts Orfe exposes children to concepts such as sustainability, environmental awareness, and a creative approach to social change.







What Children Learn
Orfe Eco-Art Program teaches eco-art through experience, experimental art techniques, and a hands-on approach. Children work individually and in teams, developing leadership skills, critical thinking, resourcefulness, perseverance, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship.

How can your child join the Orfe Program?

Join Our Journey of Discovery
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A new generation of environmentally conscious leaders and innovators.
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Climate Arts Award for Orfe EcoArt Program

Climate Arts Award for Orfe EcoArt Program

On September 15, 2019, Orfe was chosen to receive a Climate Arts Award from the @NewArts Toronto Organization, which has created the first Climate Arts Awards to recognize artists and arts organizations that are changing the climate change narrative and impacting communities

Children want to STOP Climate Change

Children want to STOP Climate Change

The changes start in our own home. If we all practice the 3rs, REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE, we can stop pollution and save the mother earth.  Let’s do it!

what parents say

Testimonials About Orfe Art

An outstanding program! Our daughter adored the sessions. Orfe was able to stimulate and inspire her creativity to develop a love for art. The finished products were amazing! Orfe is a sweetheart, very calm, patient and encouraging. Highly recommend! James and Sandra Noble

James Noble

James Noble


This program is unique in its content and the way it is delivered. Kids have the opportunity to be creative and, with Orfe’s considerate guidance, they reach their potential re-using and recycling! It is certainly amazing!! My kids loved it.

Maria Antonia Mallarino

Maria Antonia Mallarino


Orfe expresses her passion, love and care for Planet Earth with a unique way we must teach our children!
My daughter loves Orfe! and Orfe eco-programs during her school breaks, it’s a fun and relaxing way for her to express how she sees the world through art! She is indeed a lovely woman who will guide our children in the most creative and compassionate way, and that’s what I called “To teach from the Heart”.
Thank you Orfe!

Natis Angel

Natis Angel